September Meeting

September Meeting

We will NOT be having a regular Bay Area Knitting Guild meeting in September.

There will be some opportunities to get together with other Bay Area Knitting Guild members in the Tampa Bay area and beyond.

We will be accepting Knitted Knockers at either of these events. If you cannot make it to one of these events but have some Knitted Knockers for our charity this quarter, please send an email to the guild so we can schedule a pick up.

Fiber In-

Several members of the Bay Area Knitting Guild (BAKG) will be heading to Fiber In from September 16-18 at the Clarion Inn Orlando Airport. The event starts around 6pm on Friday and runs until about Noon on Sunday. If you can only make it for one day, Saturday is the day to go. This event is very loosely organized (by just a few volunteers!), so everything is always subject to change!

The tentative demo schedule for Saturday:

Saturday 9/17/2016:

9 AM: sunshineknitter Rebecca- spinning silk hankies
10 AM: ginger supported spindles/cotton on the wheel
11 AM: djmars Mara- chain ply and spinning fractal yarns
2 PM: fourpurls Laura- garter tab cast on and more
3 PM: FiberFanaticsRUs Jody- ply on the fly

There are lots of other fun and exciting events like the Auction (Saturday), Garage Sale (Sunday Morning), and Bake Sale (proceeds go to the Jennifer Nolletti Art Foundation) just to name a few.

Please check out the Fiber In website and the Fiber In group on Ravelry for more information. Here is some great information on “What Should I Bring?” (change the bit about Norse mythology to information about the Olympics because we are “traveling” to Brazil this year) and here is a FAQs page.

5th Thursday Yarn Swap-

We will also be having a 5th Thursday Yarn Swap on September 29, 2016 at 6pm.

Tour de Pizza Deux

8824 4th Street North

St. Petersburg, FL 33702

To join in on the all the swap fun please bring ONE (1) skein of yarn that is mostly natural fiber and has a value of at least $20 plus one “fun extra” for a total swap package value of $25-$30.

If you don’t want to swap but just want to come and hang out with your fellow Bay Area Knitting Guild members and watch the fun, we would love to see you!






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